Your direct involvement is desperately required as off-road motorcyclists in the prevention of the closure to motorcycles of byways 538 and 539 in West Horsley, Surrey. You do not have to be either local, or a user of these byways to help us take the fight to Surrey County Council.

Please respond again, even if you complained first time around. Your representation will effectively count twice.

Please email:

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Countryside Access Officer
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Please consider writing a letter or email to Surrey County Council, objecting to the two proposed Traffic Regulation Orders, due to come into force in March 2011. The council has now issued its official notification and the TROs will be made final and permanent unless we object and are successful in getting them stopped. Surrey County Council Countryside Access team have stated that the Byways do not meet the Surrey CC TRO Policy, and recommend that they should be repaired, vegetation is cut back and speed advisory signs are erected instead of a TRO. However, they were overruled by the local council and a few vocal residents, who are determined to TRO these Byways for spurious reasons to cover their thinly disguised 'nimby-ism'. Fullers Farm Road has already been repaired, and Jim Connor, who owns Hook Woods Trials Centre adjacent to this road is giving the campaign his full support.


What is a Traffic Regulation Order?

A Traffic Regulation Order (TRO) is a legal order, which allows the Highways Authority to regulate the speed, movement and parking of vehicles and regulate pedestrian movement, which are enforceable by law. The act governing Traffic Regulation Order's is the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984.


If you are a horserider, please respond, your support is especially valuable, and please indicate this fact in your letter: The BHS and Carriage Drivers Association do support this campaign.


Please see the following site for further information:


It would clearly suit Surrey County Council to push these TROs through, saving them both money and hassle to the detriment of not just off-road motorcyclists, but other users of the byways who would also have their access restricted. A few hundred sensible objections will almost certainly be enough to stop the bureaucrats from permanently removing our legal rights to use this land.


There are so few green lanes here in the South East, that every yard of ground must be fought for tooth and nail.


Your support is greatly appreciated.

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